Missatge de Phil Lesh

Missatge de Phil Lesh aparegut a la web The Phil Zone, confirmant que té càncer de pròstata:

Message from Phil on 10.26.2006
What do I have in common with Rudy
Giuliani, John Kerry, Bob Dole, Joe Torre, Nelson Mandela, Sean Connery, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Emperor Akihito of Japan, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, Quincy Jones, Roger Moore, Sydney Poitier, and Robert De Niro?
Like them, and along with thousands of other men, I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.Since my liver transplant, my health has been monitored by a crack team of doctors; in the course of this program, I have periodic blood tests and clinic visits. At my last clinic, my doctor noticed that my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) levels had increased over the last period. He recommended that I see a urologist, and a biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. I have decided to have it removed in early December with da Vinci robotic surgery.
Since we’ve caught it very early, and it’s small and slow-growing, I fully expect to have a rapid and complete recovery.I am feeling energetic as always, and all my scheduled appearances will occur as planned.As you know, I urge everyone to become an organ donor to help save lives. Now, I am also urging all men: speak to your doctor about having periodic regular PSA screening for early detection of prostate cancer- you may save your own life.

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