Focus - Live at the Rainbow (1973)

1. Focus III (3:54)
2. Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers! (11:38)
3. Focus II (4:27)
4. Eruption: (8:29)
a) Orfeus
b) Answer
c) Orfeus
d) Answer
e) Pupilla
f) Tommy
g) Pupilla
5. Hocus Pocus (8:29)
6. Sylvia (2:48)
7. Hocus Pocus (reprise) (2:47)


Johnny Winter - Barcelona Blues 18-05-90

Concert que va oferir Johnny a Barcelona el 18 de maig del 90 aconseguit gràcies a Manel del fòrum Azkena Rock Festival.

1. Instrumental
2. Give it Back
3. You're Humbugin'Me
4. Don't Take Advantage Of Me
5. Red House
6. Mojo Boogie
7. Stranger Blues
8. Johnny B. Goode
9. Serious As A Heart Attack
10. Instrumental
11. Jumpin' Jack Flash

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Dickey Betts & Great Southern a Bikini

No tinc ni temps ni paraules per expressar el que vaig veure el dilluns a Bikini. De cap al meu top five de concerts.

Widespread Panic - Free Somehow (2008)

Dedicat als amics de CarreteraSinFin (vaig conèixer al gran Jimmy al concert de Dickey Betts a Barcelona, ara falta conèixer a l'altre 50% del blog), l'últim treball dels sempre interesants Widespread Panic.
01-Boom boom boom
02-Walk on the flood
03-Angles on high
04-Three candles
05-Ticle the truth
06-Free somehow
08-Dark day program
09-Her dance needs no body
10-Already fried
11-Up all night

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Jethro Tull - Newport Pop Festival, June 21, 1969

1. Nothing is Easy
2. A Song For Jeffery
3. Back To The Family
4. Dharma For One
5. Martin's Tune
6. For A Thousand Mothers


Jethro Tull - Supergroups in Concert 28/04/82 - 30/04-82 2a Part

01 - Songs From The Wood
02 - Crossfire
03 - Heavy Horses
04 - Protect And Survive
05 - Band Intros
06 - Whirling Pits
07 - Pinbroch - Black Satin Dancer
08 - Bungle In The Jungle
09 - Aqualung
10 - Minstrel In The Gallery
11 - Locomotive Breath - Black Sunday


Jethro Tull - Supergroups in Concert 28/04/82 - 30/04-82

Primera part d'aquest concert, gravat a Alemanya pocs dies després d'editar "Broadsword and the Beast". D'una qualitat de so excepcional, aquest bootleg també circula amb el nom de Superstars in Concert o Beast.

Supergroups in Concert
Frieberg, Ravensberg, Stuttgart - Germany
28/04/1982 - 30/04/1982

01 - Intro
02 - The Clasp
03 - Hunting Girl
04 - Fallen On Hard Times
05 - Pussy Willow
06 - Broadsword
07 - One Brown Mouse
08 - Seal Driver
09 - Watching You Watching Me
10 - Weathercock-Fire At Midnigt
11 - Keyboard-Percussion Duet
12 - Sweet Dream

Rip a 192
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One Flute Over The Cuckoo's Nest - Jethro Tull

A mida que tingui temps (bastant fomut ho tinc), aniré pujant una serie de bootlegs de Jethro Tull que he anat aconseguint al llarg dels anys. Alguns sonen millor que d'altres, però no està de més tenir-los per completar la discografia d'Anderson, Barre i companyia.

One Flute Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Live at Wembley Stadium
1 de setembre de 1990

Thick As A Brick
Living In The Past
Steel Monkey
Serenade To A Cuckoo /
Rock Island
Pussy Willow, Pibroch (medley)
Bourée, My God (medley)
Fat Man
Too Old To Rock'n'Roll; Too Old To Die

Rip: 192
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Amfibian - Skip the Goodbyes (2007)

Tercer disc (i primer editat per la revista Relix) de la banda del lletrista de Phish Tom Marshall.

01.- Sheep
03.-Skip the Goodbyes
04.-See You in Sydney
06.-High Watermark
08.-Skipping Stones
09.-Memory of Your Smile
11.-Lonely and Low
13.-Nothing New

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Contrasenya: altafidelitat.blogspot.com


Repost: Jayhahwks Acoustic Trio 6-12-2002

A peticio de l'amic Dr. Bigsound de la web EntreAMiMente, torno a repujar aquest magnífic concert dels indispensables Jayhawks:
Salut i a disfrutar-lo.

[01] intro
[02] i'm gonna make you love me
[03] one man's problem
[04] two hearts
[05] lost my driving wheel
[06] it's up to you
[07] settled down like rain
[08] save it for a rainy day
[09] jennifer save me
[10] smile
[11] trouble
[12] say you'll be mine
[13] tailspin
[14] blue
[15] big white cloud
[16] waiting for the sun

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moe. - Dither (2000)

01. Captain America
02. Faker
03. Understand
05. So Long
06. New York City
07. Can't Seem To Find
08. Water
09. Tambourine
10. In A Big Country
11. Rise
12. Opium

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moe. & Trey Anastasio 02/10/05 Roseland Ballroom

Night Speaks to a Woman
Spine of a Dog Buster
Boogie On Reggae Woman
Chalk Dust
Peaches En Regalia
After Midnight


Jeff Healey 1966-2008

Desgraciadament, el càncer s'ha emportat al cel dels rockers al magnífic Jeff Healey quan nomès tenía 41 anys. Ens deixa un grapat de bons discs que recomano des d'aquest blog i la versió del "While my guitar gently weeps" que hem tingut l'oportunitat d'escoltar en més d'una ocasió al nostre programa. Una autèntica llàstima la desaparició d'aquest home honest i apassionat de la música.


Paul is dead

I no em refereixo a Macca i la famosa llegenda urbana, sinó a Paul Cole, l'home que surt a la dreta de la coberta de l'Abbey Road.

Paul Cole, man on Beatles' 'Abbey Road' cover, dies
By Bill DeYoung Friday,
February 15, 2008

BAREFOOT BAY — Paul Cole was in one of the most famous photographs of the
20th century, and yet he wasn't famous.
Cole, a longtime Barefoot Bay
resident, died Wednesday in Pensacola at age 96. He is clearly seen in the famous shot of the Beatles walking across London's Abbey Road, used as the front cover of the group's classic 1969 album, "Abbey Road." Over the years, the picture has been reproduced in books, on posters, coffee mugs, T-shirts and hundreds of other places.
The retired salesman is standing on the sidewalk, just behind the Beatles. Gawking at them.
In a 2004 interview with Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, Cole explained how he came to be there at that precise moment.
On a London vacation with his wife, Cole — then a resident of Deerfield Beach — declined to enter a museum on the north London thoroughfare.
"I told her, 'I've seen enough museums. You go on in, take your time and look around and so on, and I'll just stay out here and see what's going on outside,'" he recalled.
Parked just outside was a black police van. "I like to just start talking with people," Cole said. "I walked out, and that cop was sitting there in that police car. I just started carrying on a conversation with him. I was asking him about all kinds of things, about the city of London and the traffic control, things like that. Passing the time of day."
In the picture, Cole is standing next to the police van.
It was 10 a.m., Aug. 8, 1969. Photographer Iain McMillan was on a stepladder in the middle of the street, photographing the four Beatles as they walked, single-file, across Abbey Road, John Lennon in his famous white suit, Paul McCartney without shoes. The entire shoot lasted 10 minutes.
"I just happened to look up, and I saw those guys walking across the street like a line of ducks," Cole remembered. "A bunch of kooks, I called them, because they were rather radical-looking at that time. You didn't walk around in London barefoot."
About a year later, Cole first noticed the "Abbey Road" album on top of the family record player (his wife was learning to play George Harrison's love song "Something" on the organ). He did a double-take when he eyeballed McMillan's photo.
"I had a new sportcoat on, and I had just gotten new shell-rimmed glasses before I left," he says. "I had to convince the kids that that was me for a while. I told them, 'Get the magnifying glass out, kids, and you'll see it's me.'"

Via Agente Smith, via tcpalm.com


Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static (2008)

1. All At Once
2. Sleep Through the Static
3. Hope
4. Angel
5. Enemy
6. If I Had Eyes
7. Same Girl
8. What You Thought You Needed
9. Adrift
10. Go On
11. They Do They Don't
12. While We Wait
13. Monsoon
14. Losing Keys

Rip: 320kbps
115 Mb
Cobertes: No.
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Shady Deal - The Ringer

Un disc de southern de l'any passat. Impressionant, de veritat.